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What is creative writing?

Write about how your character became blind at the age of six. Fifteen years later, they meet someone who makes their lives better than they could have imagined. Then they realize they have actually met this person before…

This provocative, exciting and sometimes funny data can spark your imagination. Write a story about how grooms have to fight for the hand of one person’s entire family to get married in the company of your character. On the same day, your character challenges a family of 8 and someone else challenges their family of 3..

Write a humorous story about a descendant of someone remembered for a small action

We have found that sometimes the easiest and best place to start the writing process is to read some writing tips. These themes are created to awaken creative thinking or to give inspiration. They can give you the impetus you need to know in which direction you want your book – or even your daily entry – to progress by listing random and inspiring scenarios….

If you are not writing for a specific task, there is no reason why everything you write in response to an invitation should be prose. Instead of writing your answer to a quick question like a story, try writing a poem, popular science essay, game, screenplay, or completely different format. A high school student from fifteen centuries into our future is assigned to write a one-page project about the life of a twenty-first century man, based entirely on television advertising. Write the beginning of your essay.

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